Les miserables…


I’m not really miserable. Not yet, anyway. But it’s cold outside, and since it is in fact the middle of July I find that highly unacceptable. As I thought this morning, maybe Hell has finally frozen over.

No matter.

I went on a roadtrip to look at grad schools with McKenzie last week…getting to visit D.C. and New York was fabulous, and Boston is always the best experience ever. It doesn’t hurt that I got to see Greg, and got some closure on that particular situation. I do like him, and he’s a good friend, but I’ve been waiting for something that will probably never happen.

What is interesting is that I’ve met someone who is pretty much the greatest thing to ever happen to me. Austin is a senior at West Virginia State, majoring in Politics and Government, converted to Judaism, all around wonderful. I can’t even describe him without smiling. The thing is, he seems to be interested in me too, at least from a platonic standpoint. Maybe if we lived closer to one another…

Things are just so dull here. Ugh. Can’t stand it… I need something to happen. Something good, of course, because I don’t think I could handle a tragedy at this point.

Enough for now.


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