Espoirs à tiret…


Coming home has been…interesting. Interesting in that it’s the last time I’ll be home as a free individual.

Okay, so that sounds a bit melodramatic. What I mean is, when I go back to campus I’ll start staff training within 48 hours, after which point my soul will quite literally belong to OWU – for another nine months, anyway. And, while there may be a few more breaks where I can come home and unwind, this is the time for me to really say goodbye. When the earth circles around to May again, it will be time for me to pick up the life I’ve begun and move it, come what may.

I won’t think about that now…not actively, at any rate. It’s always there, in the recesses of my mind.

Dammit…I had a mind for a good long rant and now I can hardly concentrate. Please believe that I’ll fix that straightaway.


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