suffisant pas plus…


So I’ve reached my threshold of how much shit I’m willing to take.

As in, no more. I’m from this point on not dealing with anything.

Just this past Friday I was standing in the campus center after having decided to cast a ballot to nominate a Homecoming court. This is not something that particularly interests me, but I figured hey, why not…

The unfortunate part of this whole story is that for the whole week Caitlyn had been telling me to nominate her. Issue with this: I don’t want to nominate Caitlyn. Really, I have little respect for people who badger others about stupid shit like Homecoming.

So anyway – back to Friday. Mandi walks up to me and says “Oh, nominate Caitlyn!” This of course just pisses me off, so instead of leaving it blank as I intended to do I write down Mandi’s name instead. When Caitlyn walks by Mandi grabs her and says, “I told her to vote for you but she wouldn’t!”

In the real world, this would have elicited a shrug and a whatever. But in girl world… Caitlyn launches into a tirade about how I should nominate her especially if I don’t care and that I’m violating the “self” by going against their vote. My claim of personal autonomy is scoffed at because, according to her, I don’t have personal autonomy if I’ve been supermajoritied. So I tell her she needs to get over it.

A note on the “self”: This was a concept developed by Caitlyn to explain our connection. That is, she and McKenzie function as two halves of the same person, and McKenzie and I often function in the same way…which obviously means that we’re all the same person. Small problem with that…I don’t want to be the same person as Caitlyn. See…people actually like me. It’s really a useless designation and something that causes me more trouble than not.

It’s tragic, really…apparently McKenzie used to be Caitlyn’s double, but she’s grown up since she started college. True, she may have her faults, but who doesn’t? She certainly doesn’t always have to be right, even about stupid shit…she doesn’t assume that people like her when they actually vehemently hate her…

Yeah, so this whole rant is to underscore my previous point – I’m through with taking shit. So if I act like a “bitch” because I’m telling it like it is…

…deal with it.


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