peut-être je suis fatigué


I miss the days when love was innocent and simple…souvenez-vous? Until a certain point in our lives we do not realize that love comes with pain, or that it doesn’t follow automatically that someone will love us if we only love them. I remember the moment when “I love you” became something not so simple, when it suddenly became all-important to be loved and, for the first time, love came with fear that love would disappear.

…I crunched through the leaves on the way to class today and it made me sad. Well, not sad so much as wistful – all those leaves, raked into piles, still more falling and begging for someone to jump in them, play with them…and we all walk by unaware. I could jump in the leaves, but only at the risk of facing incredulity and mockery at the hands of my peers. What of fun, innocence, laughter? We now find entertainment in such complicated things…what ever happened to just basking in the sunlight?

Maybe I’m jaded.


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