I just want to start again, maybe you could show me how to try…


I was tempted to delete every post before this one, in an attempt to really make this a fresh start. I can’t bring myself to do it, though, despite the head-shaking that invariably happens when I look at who I was even two years ago.

God, I was foolish.

I don’t think an update is really necessary, because it isn’t as if I’ve totally dropped the ball on blogging. Some of my life is on my LiveJournal, and some of it is in my own personal journal. Besides — all of it is elsewhere on the Internet by now, right? It’s almost like I’m famous.

It’s hard to believe that the end of this week marks the beginning of 2010. When I was a kid they always used to say that time flies as you get older, and even then it seemed to go by just a little faster whenever something amazing was happening. But it’s only now that I’m starting to understand just how fleeting everything really is…even the long and boring days at work don’t last forever.

My law school applications are coming due, and I got my LSAT score via email this morning: 159. Average. I’m not thrilled, but there’s no way in hell I’m taking that test again if I can help it at all. As usual, I decided at the last minute to go for it and prioritized things the way I saw fit. I think I made the right decisions, and at this point time will either vindicate me or kick me in the ass. Sam got a full ride to GW Law for the next 3 years with a similar score; I don’t see why I can’t at least get in.

Interning at the Senator’s office has been an experience (short-lived, but what are you going to do around the holidays?) I considered blogging about the semester and all of the encounters I’ll get to have — the crazy constituent calls, expressions of concern with pictures drawn by 7 year olds, conference calls about pushing through legislation — but I think periodic updates here will suffice. All I can say is, if you think about contacting your elected representatives just remember that the person to whom you ultimately speak is probably an unpaid intern with limited influence and little patience. Show some respect.

Goals for this week: finish two personal statements, survive New Year’s Eve, figure out my schedule so I can have some free time. I got a taste during the holiday, and now I want more. Oh, and decide on/commit to a plan of spiritual study, one way or the other. It’s go time.


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