Live your life off of the wall


This afternoon, I was discussing blogs with Joanna (check out her blog Daddy…Daddy, come back! about raising a family as a pilot’s wife) and she said (disclaimer: I’m paraphrasing somewhat here), “the key to a successful blog is to focus on just one.” That gave me a moment’s pause — after all, I don’t focus on just one of anything. Talk to anybody who’s known me for more than five minutes and they can all tell you the same thing: I don’t stop moving.

Well, figuratively speaking.

Despite having questionable faith in the institution of New Year’s resolutions, I made a whopper to myself that I’ve decided to share with the world as it’s one we can all agree is a necessary goal: to streamline my life. I pride myself on cutting through the crap in so many ways, but every time I look around I realize just how much junk I’ve let build up on the edges of my life. Now, it’s starting to creep in so that it affects how I live each and every day, and I’ve reached my limit.

Thinking about this also reminds me of my uncle discussing his upcoming move back to Las Vegas. Rather than worry about everything he’s accumulated since returning to Ohio two years ago, he is only taking what he needs when he quits our temperate (read: snowy as hell) state. Now, I don’t think I could deal with the ascetic lifestyle, and my definition of “need” is somewhat more elastic than his. That being said, however, I know that I have a ton of things I could easily get rid of without causing myself any discomfort. Who knows, maybe getting rid of the material clutter will make some of the spiritual clutter disappear too…

Rather than dealing with contingencies and what-ifs, I need to get on the ball with law school. I have a handful of half-finished applications that wouldn’t cause me the headache if I just sit down with them for an hour and pound them out. It really isn’t difficult, and now that I know where I stand I can maintain some realistic expectations. As far as work is concerned, I’m trying to gradually phase out my retail job and focus more on the office job. I may also try to find an entirely different second job, though I’d have to weigh it against what I’d be giving up. To pay the bills, two jobs really are necessary.

Finally, my personal relationships are going to change somewhat. I don’t have time to waste on people who don’t have time for me, especially when the people who matter often wait weeks or months for the chance to spend time with me — how have I been so fortunate? I’m not taking the true friends in my life for granted anymore; it’s definitely time for a contact purge.

Vaya con Dios, amigos.


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