A hand to hold, or hell to pay…

So, I did it. As of Wednesday last I am officially a member of the Fitworks family of clubs. My first workout was yesterday, and other than the screaming pain in my muscles I feel awesome. I’m already excited to go back this afternoon and do it all over again!

Also, we went on Saturday to fill out the preliminary paperwork for our new apartment. We should find out today what sort of security deposit we’re looking at and when we can sign the lease, but if all goes well we’ll be scheduled for a March 1 move-in! (Not that we’re going to have it all done then…please. A Monday?) At any rate, I was talking to Jolanta about the move and about my resolution to remove the clutter from my life, and she suggested that I look into some basic feng shui techniques to really bring balance into our new home. As she pointed out, it isn’t all about furniture placement but about the energy you bring into a room. I’ve always firmly believed that we influence our environment by what we bring into it, and there’s no way that I will find the clear path and balance in my life unless I bring it into my own space.

Now look, this all sounds New Age-y. And I’m okay with that.

Friday I finished my second full week at Sherrod’s office. I really like the people in the office, and it’s great to be surrounded by people who are working for the same goals (and dealing with the same crazy calls). Word to the wise: if you want to call your elected representative and share your opinion, please do! It’s great to get involved. But be respectful!! Remember that the person who answers the phone and who is listening to your opinion is not the Senator, but another constituent just like you who is deserving of your consideration.

You may be frustrated, but that doesn’t mean you should yell at them. And you may think that you are being cheeky and clever when you make comments about the Senator losing his bid for re-election (hi, it’s 2 1/2 years away), but all you are doing is gloating at the possibility that another person may lose her or his job. ::end rant::

I’m still working on clearing out people who just don’t seem to matter anymore. The catch is that I really need to do so without malice; that is, no matter what the reason for severing a connection, I need to just make a peaceful disconnection. By starting a fight I am only indulging whatever bitterness there is in me, and probably continuing the conversation longer than it needs to. I also need to decide when enough is enough, and when it’s time to let go.

Other than that, it’s just another Monday. I’m looking forward to this week, and especially this weekend, when I get to see my beautiful sisters and dearly missed friends!

Vaya con Dios, amigos.


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