Random poem/song draft from 2 years ago…


they say she died of heartache on a Sunday afternoon
the falling leaves became her wings and to the sky she flew
and when she made it to the clouds her tears became the rain
she looked down to the world she left, and with a sigh she sang

“one of these days, the world will be okay
i’ll wake up in the morning to see your smiling face”

though she breathed and walked and worked her heart was in despair
he passed right by without a word, as if she wasn’t there
she somehow made it through the day, but her world was at an end
that night she drowned in sadness, and the song began again

“one of these days, the world will be all right
you’ll tell me that you love me, and we’ll start a brand new life
your love will lift me up so that i’ll never touch the ground
we’ll always be together with the love that we have found”

she dreamed that he was standing there, his heart was in her hands
he begged her not to leave him, she tried to understand
“i can’t live without you,” she thought she heard him say
“i’ll be lost within a moment, please don’t take your love away…

“one of these days, my world will be at peace
you’ll be standing there beside me, all i’ll ever need
my heart is yours forever, we’ll always be okay
i need you and i love you, don’t take your love away”

the morning sunlight wiped away the things that she had dreamed
she wondered as the day went on how she could have believed…


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