Why don’t you put it on a blog baby, rockin’ like it’s my job…


So…what do you do when your boyfriend is in a bromance that’s just causing too much drama?

I’ve learned a lot of lessons about love and relationships, especially in the last four years. And I couldn’t be happier that Brian and I are back together, where we belong. It hasn’t been absolutely perfect, but it’s been right and we’re both working on communicating and using what we’ve learned to make our relationship even better. Because of that, I’m acutely aware of how much time we spend together and I try not to make it every waking moment. We both have our own lives and we’ll be even better together if we keep those separate parts going strong as well.

Unfortunately, the last week has been totally jacked — between Amy’s funeral, being almost literally sick to death and moving, Brian has been at my side nearly every day. I’m so grateful to have a partner who is so tuned to me and who considers me to be such an important part of his life that he will spend the time and energy to be there for me in such a meaningful way. I couldn’t have survived this week without him. Of course, being with me means that he hasn’t been  spending as much time at his house, with his friends…and this is where the problems start.

Long story short, his friends either don’t understand or don’t appreciate that ours is a serious and lasting relationship, and because of their own views would prefer to think that I am leading him by the nose and/or taking over his life. This is beyond irritating because a: I’m not the one giving him shit for not being around, and b: this is a two-person relationship that doesn’t involve anybody but Brian and me. 

Here’s a clue: in five years, you may or may not be there — but I will be. In ten years, I will be there — where will you be? You want your friend, and that’s fine, but don’t be a pissy bitch because you disagree with his priorities. Trust me, he’s a big boy who can make up his own mind. And one day you’ll fall for somebody who will become your top priority, if you’re lucky — maybe then you’ll finally get it.

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