The music of my heart

This morning on Elvis Duran, they began a discussion about music that reminds us of different events in our life. For intern Loren, Darude’s “Sandstorm” reminds her of a car accident she was in while the song was playing. Elvis, meanwhile, loves the good vibes of B.O.B.’s “Beautiful Girls”. 
That got me thinking, and I realized that I use music to define my life on a much deeper level than it would appear. Of course, my post titles are nearly always song lyrics; beyond that, though, whenever I listen to particular types of music I can call to mind the event or season that made the music significant. 
When I hear Stadium Arcadium, I remember the Thursday of finals week 2006. After breakfast with the president of LCC Chris asked me if I wanted to get lunch. We went to the Subway on Mentor Avenue, then newly constructed, after which he asked if we could stop at the record store to pick up the CD. It released on Tuesday, he told me, and he was absolutely in love with RHCP.
Shortly after that we began dating, and I have a mental “relationship soundtrack” for each stage of the 9 months or so that we were together. Stadium Arcadium was the spring…and Fischerspooner’s Odyssey was the summer. I get flashbacks whenever I hear that electropop on the radio, and whenever I put the CD in my car stereo I’m thrown back to what was one of the most exciting summers of my life.

We parted ways briefly right after I left for OWU, and when we got back together in October the album de la saison was Incubus’s Morning View. “The Warning” still puts me in mind of fall, no matter what time of year it really is.

There is one song on my iTunes that’s been there since 2005. I bought the entire album after hearing one song, and no matter where life took me between then and now I never forgot it. Newsong’s More Life has a particular track, number 8, “When God Made You”. Brian and I were discovering how deep our connection then was, and falling in love with each other. Even then I think we both knew that this was it, we were meant to spend forever together. When we broke up I refused to listen to the song; if I caught a glimpse of the title in my iTunes library the sadness would linger for the rest of the day. And when we got back together in January, it was the first song that came into my head.

It’s the song that will play at our wedding, for our first dance.

There are so many more songs that bring back memories, both happy and sad: “As If We Never Said Goodbye” from Sunset Boulevard… Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody“… Hell, even “Graduation” by Vitamin C (remember that one?) It’s almost ridiculous.

So, what songs tell your life story?

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  1. aww! 🙂
    girlfriend was my fave song in like 7th or 8th grade, i would listen to it over and over dancing around promising my self i would be one of the cool girls like avril someday. 🙂
    and friends forever my vitamin c was the theme song to the summer after 8th grade!! 🙂
    then the theme song for 9th grade was the great escape by boyslikegirls or something and then the theme song for the end of 10th grade was i gotta feeling by the black eyed peas. and i can feel that a new song will come out soon that will be the theme song for this summer entirely:) WOO!! 🙂
    thats more of my theme songs, like i hear it and i associate it with times in my life, and memories.

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