Ride on the Magic School Bus…


Growing up, I have to admit: my favorite teacher was Miss Frizzle from The Magic School Bus. (Sorry, Mrs. Owens.) I mean, come on — I will gnaw off my left arm if anybody I know ever got to take the sort of awesome field trips that those kids had. Watching those shows inspired me, and was probably the motivation for my earliest desire to become a teacher.

It’s the vocation to which I find myself returning over and over, despite my own conviction that I just don’t have the patience. That’s the thing, though – I do. There’s nothing I love more than sharing my knowledge and watching realization dawn on my students’ faces. After much consideration, therefore, I’ve decided that I’m going to pursue my teaching license with my M.A. Instead of going full-time this fall, I will take a few core education classes, re-take the GRE, and turn in the best damn applications I can to the teaching programs nearby.

Teaching gives me the chance to do so many of the things I love. By teaching social studies, I can satisfy my craving for both politics and history; I can start my own Model U.N. team or help with an established one. I’ll be doing public relations every day and, let’s face it, I’ll have my summers off. There are drawbacks, and I’m sure there will be moments when I wish I had gone for something more exciting…oh wait. Who am I kidding? Certainly there’s little more thrilling than dealing with hundreds of hormonal teenagers five days a week.

This may not be the path to the rest of my life, but it feels like the path for me now. I’m more at peace with this than with anything that’s crossed my mind so far. I have a plan…and it feels great.


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