Blogging the 30-Day Breakup Guide: Days 11-15


So…it was a blah weekend.

I’m reluctant to say “bad”, because in fact I actually enjoy watching 5 hours of old Charmed reruns from time to time, and sometimes just sitting at home with no plans is the key to bliss.

Unfortunately, my subconscious has decided to kick into overdrive, serving me with night after night of vivid and unsettling dreams. I’m not big into dream analysis so I wish my brain would either a: tell me straight up what I’m supposed to be getting from these midnight journeys; or b: cut the crap.

That being said, it’s a new week and time to explore the next installment of the 30-Day Breakup Guide!

Day 11: Start a “go to hell” fund.
Done and done! My “go to hell” fund is the support I’ll need to finally take the trip to New York that I’ve been putting off for months – especially now that I don’t have someone to say nay or boo to the idea. I like my friends, dammit, and I want to see them.

Day 12: Embrace your inner girly-girl.
So, I actually did this before it hit the calendar – but oh well. Friday morning I had a mani-pedi with my mom’s manicurist. It was so relaxing and rejuvenating to sit there and just talk, and to walk out an hour later feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and…well, pink. 🙂 I highly recommend the pedicure to anyone, not just because it’s summer but because you don’t know what you’ve been missing until you have it.

I also decided to highlight my hair, and I have to say that the effect is quite pretty. I toyed with the idea of going full blonde a couple of months ago, but to be honest my only motivation for considering it was that someone (three guesses who) didn’t want me to. (Maybe that should have been a sign.) Still, it’s summer and my auburn locks needed a kick in the ass about as much as I did, so voila! Just a touch of sun-kissed blonde and I already feel like a new and improved me.

Day 13: Write a letter to your best friend.
Well…rewrite is more like it. (I swear, Josh my love, it’s coming!) I had a beautiful creation of ink and construction paper ready to go, but now that the news is old and stale I need to get out a brand new tribute to our friendship – and my penmanship.

Day 14: Remember how free and easy life used to be by chatting up a little girl.
I will get on this one tonight. Fortunately, I have two very pretty little girls at my disposal, in the persons of my nieces! I’m excited for this one; I definitely don’t get to talk to them as much as I want to.

Day 15: Host a “ladies only” night.
Lady friends, roll out! Actually, this one’s already in the works too: next weekend I’m spending time with my awesome Katie, and barring the possibility that I will be dragged to see the new Twilight movie (my hatred of that series deserves its own blog) it’s shaping up to be a phenomenal time! Nothing like girl time to help you remember what you deserve from a man.

We’re halfway through the breakup calendar now – despite a few bumps along the way, I’m happy to report that every day it’s a little bit easier to focus on the sun and resolve what’s come before.


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