There’s a beauty in walking away.


Marie Digby – “Beauty in Walking Away” (YouTube)

I have nothing bad to say.

I can’t pretend that everything is perfect, or that I don’t have moments of utter sadness that we’re no longer what we used to be to each other. When I see that you’re being a goofball or planning little adventures I have to admit that the question crosses my mind: why couldn’t we be this way together?

But, like you, I woke up this morning and life just seemed…great. I’m excited, really excited, for the things that will happen next. I’m planning my own little adventures and remembering how it feels to be happy most of the time, instead of just some of the time. I know that there’s negativity in different corners, friends of yours and mine with their own not-so-complimentary opinions about how we’re each so much better off, but I’m not listening – I’m just living. And it seems that you are as well.

I love you. That has always been true, and for the last six years has been a central, core part of my identity. Near or far, together or apart, it’s not something that I see ever going away, and I don’t want it to. Nor do I ever see myself waking up and not hoping for your happiness. But I see that who we are and where we are dictates that the best way for us to be happy…the best way for me to really love you…is to cherish what we had and move forward.

You’re stronger than I am, at least in this. You were strong enough to realize the truth, to face it, and to do what had to be done. At the time it didn’t seem to be difficult for you, but you aren’t a hard person and the fact that you thought about it for so long makes me think otherwise. I’ve said it a few times in the last few days, but thank you. Thank you for being strong enough to walk away, without malice, and to give me the space to realize that you were right.

You were right.

I hope that this isn’t goodbye, but a return to the strong and wonderful friendship that we built and that truly brings out the best in each of us — which is all I ever wanted.

Be well. Be happy. I know I will be.


One comment

  1. This is so wonderful and very well said. A quote from the sitcom How I Met Your Mother popped into my mind: “Don’t think of it as a break up, think of it as two friends getting back together.” Or something like that.

    My situation’s different, though. I wish I could say right now that I’m ready to be friends with someone I lost, but I really can’t. It’s just too raw. But anyway, great post. 🙂

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