Quantity Sans Quality


This post is purely to say that I posted something today — it may have been the day from hell, I may want to crawl into a hole somewhere near the center of the earth and forget that it ever happened, and I may continue kicking myself all weekend for not just going down to Delaware and staying with my sorority sisters…but I’m not going to give up on Post A Day, dammit.

Well, you know what? I said I didn’t care enough but what the hell: I’m sick of hearing about this zodiac nonsense too. If you live in the eastern hemisphere then chances are this isn’t the first you’ve heard of the snake holder or whatever Mr. O is called. If you live in the western hemisphere, guess what? He doesn’t matter. (Disclaimer: zodiac doesn’t matter.) Western astrology, as I’ve read, is pinned on the changing seasons as they relate to the earth and how living on it affects us. Aries lines up with the vernal (spring) equinox, Libra lines up with the autumnal (fall) equinox, and the other 10 — not 11 — signs fall between and around those two. That’s how it goes. So sorry mon frere, you’re still a potentially fatal disease, and I am no lion.

I’d better stop before I find more nonsense to write about. But no worries, tomorrow I have a real plan based on a paper I wrote in college: Shari’ah law and Western misconceptions. Yep, it’ll be fun.

For now…Excedrin and a dark room.

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