Packing, moving, and moving on…


I’m getting away from the regular grind a bit this weekend — sure, I’m paying attention to the news, but since I’m facing a three-day respite from work I’ve decided to switch gears. I’ve been talking about the apartment hunting process a bit over the last week, and today has just been an extension of that so far.

Actually, I’m pretty proud of myself. When Brian left for work at 8:15 I went back to bed; half an hour later, though, I just couldn’t make my eyes stay closed so I decided to get up and see what was what. Last night I spent an hour and a half clearing out some plastic storage that I offered to another user on Freecycle (a great program, check out your local site) and I committed to packing all of my books before my mom made it home from class at 12:30 today. I did it! It only took an hour once I got started, and now the shelf is just about ready to come out of my room.

Once I came home from my Freecycle drop, I took a quick break for lunch and helped Mom pack away Christmas. We had a sappy moment when Mom pointed out that this move, while not my first away from home, is permanent — for 25 years she’s always been able to expect that I would be coming home, and now Brian and I will be building a home of our own. It was nice to sit and go through some of my things with her, which is just what I did once the tree was out of the way. After three hours I managed to clear out my entire hallway closet and consolidate six bins of old stuff to three boxes, a pile to donate, and a full trash bag.

Long story very short, it was a productive afternoon. Everybody is pleased and a little shocked that I’m taking such initiative getting things under control, but I’m just extremely excited. Moving as a kid is always an exercise in last-minute packing, and every move I made as an older teenager/young adult was underwhelming in some way that made it difficult for me to overcome the urge to procrastinate. I didn’t want to leave college, because I knew I was coming home to an inconvenient living situation; when I moved out of my mom’s and in with a roommate a few months later, it was only to avoid the inconvenience and ended up being even worse.

This time, though…this is it. It doesn’t matter what’s happened before, what mistakes were made or where we’ve been, because this time at the end of the day we will be together. I can’t wait for Moving Day, to carry all of our things into our new apartment and to look around at the end of it and just know that it’s ours. That’s why I’m so productive today.

Well, that, and so I can play Chrono Cross all day tomorrow.

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