Post-A-Day 2011: Does everything happen for a reason?


I literally laughed out loud when I read today’s topic. You see, Brian tells me nearly every day that “everything happens for a reason,” usually when we talk about where our relationship has been and where we’re going.

The thing is, I go back and forth about being a fatalist or not. I don’t think that I would be exactly where I am right now (you know, stretched out in bed with a laptop on my legs and Brian next to me) if I hadn’t made the precise decisions I’ve made, but it’s difficult for me to look at something like the Tuscon shooting last weekend and say “oh, there’s a reason for this — we just have to find it!” Rather, I think it’s possible to find a new purpose in the aftermath of tragedy or triumph, but only the most audacious person would turn around and say that the initial event had to happen because of what came about after.

Most of my friends know about the circumstances of my parents’ split in 2004; because of that, I chose to go to community college close to our new home on the east side rather than follow through with my original plans to go to university in Pittsburgh. That decision, of course, led to meeting Brian and not only committing to the path our relationship has taken, but also really identifying where my passions lie.

Instead of everything happening for a reason, I firmly believe that we find reason in the effects of our actions and the actions of others. And true, certain things happening or not happening influence the opportunities we face and the people we meet. However, at the end of the day the reason comes from what we make of it, and that has been a good path to follow so far.


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