Just a little quirky…


Good morning, blogosphere! After a two-day break I decided it’s time to get back on track — and, since I was especially prolific on my first day of the challenge, I had two extra posts to keep up my average. See, I plan my procrastination in advance…

This morning, Elvis Duran and crew were talking about OCD-esque quirks that people have. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is a very serious condition, of course, and usually causes major interference in the life of the person who copes with it every day. However, many of us do have quirks that are vaguely reminiscent of OCD, even if we don’t have the disorder itself. I’m not OCD, but I do have a lot of quirks…

Sidewalks. “Step on a crack, break your mama’s back…” Yeah, that’s me. Even today, I will short-step or leap onto the next slab of concrete on a sidewalk to avoid the gap between them. I also have to start each new “square” with my left foot, and I have to take an even number of steps between no more than two slabs — meaning, I can take five steps on one but I have to take five steps on the next to make sure I still have an even number.

Stairs. Ohh, same deal with steps. I start with my left, and I hate staircases with uneven numbers of stairs — though, since I didn’t build them, I sort of just deal with it. Which leads me to…

Even numbers. Every one of my quirks tends to revolve around this one: I have to have things in even numbers. It doesn’t matter if it’s bobby pins in my hair or brussels sprouts on my plate; if it’s a large enough item to be quantified, I have to have only one or an even number. My only exception, which apparently I share with one of the callers this morning, is if things are in multiples of five. Oh, and this applies to the volume of media as well.

Symmetry. I didn’t really consider this until one of the callers mentioned it, but I have a need for symmetry in my body and the environment around me. I wear one ring on each hand, I only wear my earrings in sets (meaning I’ve almost given up on my cartilage piercing), and I have a difficult time wearing a style that focuses more on one side of my body than another. When I decorate, I use a focal point and then put equal numbers of items on either side of it…I could go on and on, but I’m beginning to sound like I need a therapist.

If a quirk begins to seriously interfere with the quality of your life, you may want to consider a doctor visit to rule out the possibility of OCD. If not, though, it can be fun to think about the little things you do that make you, you.

What interesting quirks do you have?

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