Post-A-Day 2011: The most important thing of 2010


Today’s topic was another interesting one: “What’s the single most important thing you accomplished in 2010?”

Well let’s see. I kept working at a job that I really like, took on more responsibility there and ended up getting some major benefits from it. I continued volunteering with LEIMUN, and I think I was pretty successful at that.

The most important thing, though, has nothing to do with what I do. Rather, it’s about who I am, and the life I’m building. I actually discussed this in my wrap-up of 2010: discovering who my true friends are and making a conscious effort to focus on the important people, and working on this beautiful relationship I have with Brian. The construction, collapse and recovery of our relationship is also something I’ve covered in great detail (probably too much, to his way of thinking), but it stands now as the single most important part of who I am. It speaks to unconditional love, resilience, trusting even when it’s most difficult, and most importantly to forgiveness.

We hurt each other before, sometimes inadvertently but many times deliberately. And there are things on both sides that I will never forget, low moments and the things we did; I still deal with moments of anger or shame based on what exactly I’m remembering. So relearning forgiveness has been difficult but absolutely necessary — if we’re meant to find reason in the things that happen, then the reason to which I cling is that we’re together, and everything is as it should be.

How will I make it better in 2011? We’ll set up house. We’ll continue this fabulous journey we’re on together, and we’ll take more steps toward forever. You’ll see.


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