“Dear Wendy” launches her own site!


One of my favorite sites for lady news of all shapes and sizes is The Frisky — I try to share articles and such that I find there on a fairly regular basis. When I was on there today, I discovered that my absolute favorite contributor, Wendy Atterberry, launched her beloved “Dear Wendy” column as a standalone site!

I’m thrilled beyond words. Her advice is the most down-to-earth and practical, while usually the most accurate as well, on a range of lady topics and relationship questions. She often answers questions that I’ve considered sending in, and I’ve begun to implement parts of her advice in my own life. It’s true, Wendy has made me a better person.

So I want to help her get the word out — go to DearWendy.com, check out the questions and features (including a new feature called “If They Asked”, where Wendy lends her perspective to high-profile situations (like Oprah finding her long-lost half sister) and offers advice…you know, in case they ask. Subscribe to daily updates and sign in to comment and find an awesome community of contributors who, like me, follow Wendy and love her with our little blogger hearts.

Seriously — stop reading, go now! You’ll be glad you did.

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