Post-A-Day 2011: It’s time to vent.


I’m beginning to think that the brilliant minds behind WordPress are either stalking me or that they have some sort of telepathic connection to my brain — this is exactly what I was planning to write on even before I got my daily email inspiration. With that, let’s just jump right in.

There are people who for very good reason are no longer a part of my life. For the record, I’m not referring to a friendship that ended at the end of last summer and gained some blog space immediately beforehand — when I think of that person (who I will not name out of respect for her wishes, but if you’re reading you know who you are) it is usually a warm and happy memory, and regardless of whether or not she happens to read this I wish her only the best out of life.

Instead, I mean people who only bring toxicity and discord into any relationship they enter, and in particular one person who was ever so rudely thrust into my life by virtue of someone else’s bad decisions. My only regret is that I didn’t follow my initial instincts and keep far, far away from her. Unfortunately, our life story has played out in such a way that she is intertwined with some of the most important (and of course, painful or annoying) parts of the plot and it will take a considerable amount of time (or Lindsay Lohan to push her in front of a bus) for her role to diminish.

And you know what? I know that I shouldn’t give her a moment’s thought. I should take quiet comfort in my own happiness and not spend the time or energy feeling superior because, let’s face it, I won. That is petty and beneath me…but today’s a petty kind of day. It’s nice to know that karma, as reputed, is a Class A bitch — and the debts she’s racked up by sowing ruin in others’ lives will come due.

I just hope I’m there to see it.



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