With the utmost respect…


Short post today; I’m still feeling pretty under the weather so hopefully there’s some hot chocolate and good (or bad) movies in my future…

Today was the sixth annual NEIMUN scrimmage at Lakeland. NEIMUN, of course, is “Northeast Invitational Model U.N.”, the one-day training simulation we began in 2006 when I was still a student at Lakeland and a member of the team. It was such a short time ago, it seems, but what began as a four-hour scrimmage between two schools has become an all-day event with crisis simulation and participation from four or more schools — often, former Lakeland MUNers will move on to a four-year school and bring their new Model U.N. team into the fold. It happened with me, as it happened with Sam and Camilo, and now it’s also happened with Terry, Dan, and Edward.

I’m incredibly pleased with how NEIMUN has evolved, despite being more and more frustrated at how poorly the delegates seem to be prepared. Some things never change; only our perception of them does. More than anything, though, I’m proud to see that a project we began six years ago and that we thought would be a one-off has become a staple of training for the students who have come after us. With the direction my life is taking, this may be the last scrimmage I am able to attend, so I am even happier to have been a part of it.

For the record: it was all Canada’s fault.


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  1. I do love your posts!

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