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I’ve plugged my friend Vera’s blog, Luxury Reading, before, so hopefully you’ve all gone to take a look before today. If not, click the link!

At any rate, last month Vera posted a short blurb about independent author Sylvia Massala’s post blasting bloggers Samantha at Chick Lit Plus and Rowena at The Book Binge for their less-than-glowing reviews of her book “The Other Boyfriend”. The cached version of the post and resulting comments have gone viral, particularly because Massala’s tirade is less reflection on the nature of reviews and more an immature tantrum that claims book reviews should be “objective”. Massala has been castigated across the blogosphere, and I completely agree with the sentiments expressed. No, I haven’t read her books, and after her unprofessional rant I’m not inclined to do so. Given that I appreciate a lot of chick lit — including the work of Jane Green and Lauren Weisberger — I would certainly have been willing to give her works a shot; however, her public attitude toward the very people whom she expects to read her books turns me completely off.

But let’s move on. The most important thing I took from reading her angsty missive were links to several book review blogs that are fresh, fun and look like they’ll be awesome reads. I linked two of them above, but here are some others I follow now and recommend to you:

Alice McElwee – a wonderland of words
Reading Vacation — this one is especially interesting because blogger Melina, at 11 years old, is just as articulate as some of the better-known adult bloggers out there. Her genre isn’t my thing but I look forward to reading her perspectives.
The Book Vixen

Keep your eyes open for good blogs with posters who take pride in their reviews and who truly love words and those who write them. And be careful to avoid authors (indeed, anybody) who can’t handle a little criticism.

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  1. […] who receive poor reviews on blogs such as these, previously exhibited by Sylvia Massala (whom I discussed briefly as well) who is now joined by Jacqueline Howett in the Whiny Authors’ Hall of […]

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