The Final Countdown…to Moving!

The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Image by twm1340 via Flickr

Thank god it’s (this) Friday.

The little countdown widget on my phone tells me that I have one whole day left until Moving Day, a reminder that’s pretty useless given that I’ve been jingling my new keys for the last couple of days between trips to deliver boxes, visits to the local department store for decorating ideas, and panicked moments of “holyhellwe’renevergoingtogetthisdone” (it’s a certifiable mental condition, somewhere…)

We’re making great progress, which makes me all the more impatient for it to be tomorrow and to just have it done. I want to see my books on our bookshelf in our office(!) and to sit down on our couch, look around, and know that this delightfully (though temporarily) cluttered place is our home. Yesterday we traipsed up and down the stairs, dragging boxes of clothes and files and “Random Stuff” that defied category; we did some minor repairs on our bookshelves; and we realized that the one wrench we brought was just a hair (or 1/8″) too big to put our dining room table together — many thanks, by the way, go to TheAllPowerfulOz and his missus (I mean, are you Mrs. Oz, or…?) for said table.

As we speak I have to keep taking breaks from the typing to cut the jitters. I’m looking at two clocks, one that tells me it’s later than it is and one that tells me it’s earlier, and as the incorrect seconds tick by I’m considering an appeal for divine intervention to get me out of here and on my way to ticking off items on a task list I can’t seem to put down.

(On a completely unrelated note, I use a widget by Zemanta from time to time to augment my blog posts — it suggests targeted photos, related blog posts and appropriate tags to share more information about my topic — and every time I look to the side I’m just thoroughly amused at my updated suggestions for Zemification. In fact, I’m going to add a picture from The Wizard of Oz, just because Zemanta says so.)

Back to the ramble. My task list, as it happens, isn’t the only list to which I can’t stop adding things. On the other side of the page there’s a shopping list that wisely includes food (Brian and I both like to eat) but also includes a slew of other things of varying levels of necessity that I’ve thought about getting but haven’t because I’m waiting to see “just how things look”.

I know that there are so many more important things about which to blog — the media is bursting with example of legislators who don’t want the government to interfere unless it’s interfering with something with which they don’t agree. Planned Parenthood is in danger, and so is the economy (still), and idiocy abounds. These things all deserve to be addressed, and quite honestly are being addressed all. over. the. place. I will give them their due attention and bombard you with yet one more opinion on the way things “should” or “should not” be… For today, though, I’m going to focus on the smaller picture and have a few moments of insulation from the rest of the world as it falls apart.

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