There’s no place like home.



For the moment my only internet access is at work, so bear with me as I try to keep up with Post-A-Day…but…

We’re moved!!

Brian and I were both more than a little stressed when thinking about how Saturday would play out — I, of course, was more vocal about it but he shared with me later that he pretty much yelled in the car the entire way to my grandma’s apartment to pick up our couch. It’s nice to know I wasn’t the only concerned one, but at any rate we had no reason to worry; by 9 am we were hauling loads over, and even with a 20-minute coffee and donut break we were still done just after 11 am. Part of that is due to our efforts during the week, but if we hadn’t moved a single box before then we still would have rocked it out because of the amazing help we had.

I can’t thank our team enough — Amanda and Rich, Erin and Chuck, and Amy (with generous contributions from John!) all took time out of their Saturday morning to help us move from one apartment to the other, and to help get things organized into some semblance of order. My mom came over after her class and took us shopping for some essentials (like, you know, lights) after the crew packed up and left, and she ended up staying to help put things away until my dad showed up at 5:30 to take us to dinner. Thanks to her, we could see the boxes we still had to put away and we had a put-together bathroom in which to shower!

We attacked the detritus with a vengeance yesterday. After a bowl of Lucky Charms and a cup of coffee, we turned on the radio and dove in so that when my mom brought my grandma over to see the place we actually had a living room to show her! I’m glad that we put as much effort as we did into unpacking things, because when I walk in after work today it will be amazing to sit down on the couch and just…be home for a few minutes…before we tackle the upstairs.

There really is no place like home.

Pictures to follow!


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