Thursday Bitchfest


It’s been awhile since my last bitchfest (and my last post, sorry blogosphere), and what better time to bitch than when sitting in an office instead of enjoying beer with the general population that skipped to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Today’s topic, however, is not my sobriety relative to parade watchers nationwide, nor is it my irritation at not living in Boston where today is a freaking citywide holiday. (No joke, Boston shuts down for St. Paddy’s Day.) Rather, today’s bitchfest is all about irresponsibility.

You know what’s irresponsible? Putting your own happiness above that of your children, and expecting others to fill in where you are clearly failing. One of my friends told me this story, about a parent who can’t “afford” to pay for her child to play sports and asks for a scholarship to cover the costs, while never doing any fundraising and openly whoring for concert tickets. When I was 13 I played soccer on an NOGSL team, and you know what? My mom paid for it because she knew it was something I wanted to do, even though it meant that she had to do some deft financial maneuvering.

I also participated in a youth choir when I was 13-14. We had to pay a fee to participate; buy uniforms; and pay for a trip to Lexington and Louisville during my second season. There was fundraising, and we did it, and then we paid what was still due.

Three years later, when I was 16, I went on a choir trip to Disney World. My mom and my aunt went along as chaperones, and it cost each of us $500. Where did that $1500 come from? You guessed it: we did so much fundraising that I started spouting sales pitches in my sleep. We sold cookie dough, Entertainment books, and flat-out solicited donations. And when there was a balance due at the end…we paid it. There was no scholarship, no asking for a handout without working for it; my mom realized the importance of the trip and she helped me get there — and she would have even if it turned out she couldn’t go with me.

Noticing a pattern? Obviously kids can’t have every single thing they want, unless they belong to Daddy Warbucks, and even then they should probably still work for it. But the best kind of parent is one who will instill a strong work ethic into their child and then help them reach their goals – not ignore them for the chance to go see a show.

Bad parents = not winning.

There’s another kind of irresponsibility that has me completely irked today: when you get a message and are asked to respond within a certain timeframe, you should respond within said timeframe. And if you realize that you can’t make it to an event that you were planning to attend, you should be proactive and let the event coordinator know that you’ll be absent!

What that means is getting ahold of the coordinator and saying “Hey, I’m sorry, [conflicting priority] came up and I won’t be able to attend.” It doesn’t mean waiting until the coordinator has already stricken you from the list because you’re rude enough to ignore emails, and then responding “Oh yeah, I wasn’t coming anyway.” What the actual F? You may not realize it, but in the real world shit like that doesn’t fly. Would you wait until you’re fired for non-attendance to tell your boss “Oh yeah, I wasn’t coming in because of X” ?

Part of being a functioning human being is showing common courtesy and respect to those with whom you work, or with whom you hope to work. Don’t think that we just forget these things or let them slide; you’ve shown that you’re unreliable and from here on in we will treat you as such.

Whew. Well, that’s where I am today. Tell me, those of you not enjoying a tasty beverage, what’s grinding your gears today?


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