We are now sitting in “The Writer’s Closet”


So…I finally figured out my focus.

As some of you may remember, I mentioned earlier this year that I was going to be restructuring the blog around a more cohesive theme. It’s been a difficult process simply because there is so much going on that I want to record. However, despite participating in Post A Day 2011 my posting has fallen somewhat…short of my goal. Without having that unifying theme to define my work, blogging has by and large become less a labor of love and more just labor — and nobody wants to add more work to their load, right?

At any rate, for the last couple of days I’ve been mulling over an idea in my head based on the book reviews I’ve been doing for Vera at Luxury Reading. You see, there are other reviews on this blog that I did before I started my life as an “official” book reviewer, and I am in love with the idea of writing. I love the writing process, even the part that involves a brick wall against which all of one’s ideas slam and against which one often wants to slam one’s head. Writer’s block can be just as healthy as a steady rhythm, because it allows you to reevaluate. Then, the taste of victory is so much sweeter.

The blog is still in the construction phase, as I work with new themes to find one I love, but the central concept is set: friends and neighbors, you are now in “The Writer’s Closet”.

I will be writing about writing, mine and others. Sometimes I will post poetry or snippets of stories I’m working on; I will also continue to link to book reviews over at Luxury Reading and other reader blogs of interest, and to write separate book reviews of works that I come across on my own. As I said, I’ll likely spend a fair amount of time on the writing process itself, since it can be as compelling a subject as whatever the writer creates. I imagine that it will be a lot of hard work, but once more it is a labor of love.

Come into the closet, and enjoy!


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