New Blogs for the Blogroll!


Buenos dias, blogosphere!

In keeping with our new theme, I want to highlight a few reviewers’ blogs I came across thanks to a post by Vera over at Luxury Reading. The post follows up on the discussion of unprofessional behavior by authors who receive poor reviews on blogs such as these, previously exhibited by Sylvia Massala (whom I discussed briefly as well) who is now joined by Jacqueline Howett in the Whiny Authors’ Hall of Shame.

Fortunately, this gives me the chance to share some new reads with you, the silver lining in a dark cloud of unprofessionalism.

BigAl’s Books and Pals ran a review of Howett’s book, The Greek Seaman*, which he read on his Kindle (e-reader of choice, from what I understand of his site). The review was very well-written and presented his issues with the book in a calm and professional manner. His other reviews are equally well presented, making him a great resource for reading fiends like me. Followed!

Then, we have Red Adept Reviews — another well-written site filled with reviews of all kinds from good to ugly, as well as other posts to keep the bibliophile entertained all day long. Registered!

Finally, to the self-published and independent authors out there who are legitimately looking for an honest and fair review of their work, such as would be provided by the blogs above: if they’re booked, I’m free!

Happy reading (and writing), friends.

*As I’ve demonstrated in previous posts, I don’t make a practice of linking to any product, person, or page that I would not endorse to my readership. I have not read the book and do not have a comment on its quality; however, Ms. Howett’s extremely childish and unprofessional behavior will keep me from ever sampling her work or recommending it to others.


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  1. Glad you found BigAl through luxuryreading.com! I enjoy his reviews as well 🙂

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