It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for the blog — as you can see, we have a new format and a new domain!! (Sorry, even after a week of having my own domain it still gives me a little thrill of excitement.) I’m overwhelmed by the support I’ve received from followers of the blog pre-revamp, close friends and family, and I’m looking forward to building this site into a true writer’s haven. Still, I haven’t taken a lot of time to come up for air here between reading the stack of books I have to review. That, clearly, changes now.

Reading is so important. We hear that throughout our entire academic lives, and even into adulthood, from bibliophiles and teachers and even colleagues who stress the necessity of reading every word. And while reading books can help us expand our horizons and consider alternate viewpoints, we shouldn’t stop there. For example, I have a blogroll that seems to grow exponentially and includes posts of all kinds — book reviews, of course, but also ramblings about life and introspective posts about setting and reaching goals.

This morning’s best bit of reading came from my friend Angela’s blog, Project 11/11. She and her friend Kelli-Anne have committed to run 1,111 miles by 11:11 pm on November 11 (11/11/11). It’s an inspiration to see how far they’ve come and how well they’re sticking to the goals they’ve set, but it was especially heartwarming to read her words of encouragement directed to her friends (including me) in her last post.

In order to be a good writer, one must be willing to put down the pen or back away from the keyboard, and read what others have put out there. Not all of it will be relevant, and sadly not all of it will be good – in fact, some of it will be downright cringeworthy – but by taking cues from others who have written we can develop our own style based on what works…and what doesn’t.

Happy reading!



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