Review: “The Big White Book of Weddings” by David Tutera


Well friends, if you follow me outside of this blog then you’ve heard the news: I’m getting married! My fiancé and I are both very excited to be taking the next step in our life together…and of course this means that I’ve now become a planning fool!

I’m working my way through a pile of wedding books, from planning to etiquette to unique ideas to cut your budget. First up: The Big White Book of Weddings by David Tutera, the whiz behind WeTV’s “My Fair Wedding” and celebrity event planner extraordinaire. I’m a fan of Tutera’s work and his approach to helping brides-to-be plan their big day, so this book was an intriguing find for me.

Weddings is a step-by-step planning guide for brides to develop the wedding day of their dreams. Each chapter deals with a particular aspect of planning — choosing a venue, picking vendors, even deciding on the right cake — and is an easily-referenced arrangement so the bride can read straight through or open right up to the section she needs. Tutera includes several “Your Defining Moment” sections, small glossaries intended to make sense of the wedding jargon typically used: how an embossed invitation differs from an engraved invitation, for example, or the differences between a plated meal and ballet style service (which is fun to watch but risky to participate in).

Other tips include “Tutera’s Tips” and “I Do’s” v. “I Don’ts”. The Tips are specific ideas to tweak small parts of the wedding planning to make it a personal and stress-free experience; the I Do’s and I Don’ts are the bride-to-be’s “Good Idea, Bad Idea”.

Example: “I Do’s” and “I Don’ts” for Tuxedos

  • I DO: Have your groom wear an elegant vest and matching tie or bow tie
  • I DON’T: Don’t wear a cummerbund – even though they are traditional, they tend to look messy, plus, they may translate to “high school prom” instead of “highly sophisticated wedding party”! (pp. 136-137)

Tutera’s voice throughout this book is calm, friendly and supportive — even when he’s admonishing the bride against various faux  pas, he always does so as the “Other Man” he represents himself to be in the introduction. I love his tips, which are easy to follow and great ideas to incorporate, and I’ve already bookmarked the tables that break down wedding gown styles and flowers.

The only thing that keeps The Big White Book of Weddings from being an absolutely perfect wedding guide is that a lot of the information provided is easily available in other wedding planning guides — most of which I’ve already picked up! However, Tutera puts his own unique spin on things so that even the tips I’ve read thirty times already seem fresh and new, and his endorsement or rejection of each is enlightening. I plan to keep the tips I’ve picked up from this book close by over the next 14 months, so my trip down the aisle will be exactly the calm, collected, and happy bride that Tutera says we all can be.

Rating: 4.5/5

I borrowed this book from the Mentor Public Library, Main Branch. You can find it for sale at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.


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