Review: The Bride’s Diplomacy Guide, by Sharon Naylor


I have a confession to make: I am…a Bridezilla.

Before you grab your pitchforks and start making signs against my prenuptial evil, let me explain. As you know, Brian and I have been engaged for 47 days and approximately 87.5 per cent of the wedding planning is complete — there’s really very little else I can do at this point without moving the whole affair up to this August (which, tempting as it is, just wouldn’t work). I know what we’re looking for, and what it will take to pull it off, and that often causes me to be a little more…brusque…than I normally would be.

Fortunately, we’re surrounded by a loving and supportive network of family and friends, and we’ve had the incredible good juju of avoiding any major calamities up to this point. I’ve done a substantial amount of knocking on wood, and despite that I am well aware that in the next 393 days there will undoubtedly be more than one situation that will require my prompt, tactful attention.

Enter The Brides’ Diplomacy Guide: Solutions t0 150 of the Stickiest Dilemmas that Face a Bride-to-Be, by Sharon Naylor. This tote-sized manual advises the bride as to the best response for nearly every problem that could arise, whether it’s a problematic bridesmaid or an over-involved parent, and anything else in between.

The guide is divided into different sections based on the many factors that come together to make a successful wedding, providing easy navigation for the bride who needs specific advice. Each solution is written in question and answer format, with questions submitted to Naylor by brides on her Web site, and the answers are pragmatic while acknowledging — though not overindulging — the bride’s feelings.

As someone who has not encountered a single dilemma serious enough for inclusion in the guide, I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy it. However, the range of topics is ideal for the bride who, like me, has had an easy go of it so far but wants to stay prepared in case the dam bursts later on. With The Bride’s Diplomacy Guide, even the most uncertain (or the most confrontational) bride will have little trouble in clearly communicating her wishes and concerns and in working with those around her to make her wedding day a true celebration of the happiest moment of her life.

Rating: 5/5 stars

I purchased this book at Half-Price Books in Mentor, Ohio. This review is provided without obligation to the author, the publisher or other associated parties.


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