The Writers in the Closet

Up until recently this has been a one-woman operation, so an “About Me” page was really unnecessary. Now, however…we have a team, and everybody knows an “About Us” page is infinitely more interesting. So…



Shannon is an eccentric with periodic bouts of normality. She is trendy and relevant, and obsessed with the written word. Her claim to fame beyond the high school stage is that author Meryl Davids Landau says she’s a good writer — so obviously it’s true. She enjoys painting, wedding planning, and texting her sorority sisters with random quotes from that David Blaine spoof series on YouTube.


Forest makes art from tape, plays harmonica, and brews beer. He collects pretty rocks, “do not remove” mattress tags, and interesting motherfuckers.

Collectively, we like to be referred to as “Team Awesome” or “Keepers of the Pimp Hand” — but for you, dear readers, we are simply the writers in the closet.


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